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This is your questionnaire for coverage listings in the 2019 National Market Directory.
As you complete your questionnaire, please check the appropriate column - Program Administrator/Underwriting Manager or Other Market Sources - for each coverage that you want to appear under. We will make the distinction when we list you.
Except for ADVERTISERS, whose LISTINGS ARE FREE, there is a charge based on the number of categories. Please consult the fee schedule at the end of questionaire.
If you choose to advertise, even regionally, you are eligible to appear with your coverages in the National Market Directory, even though you might not otherwise qualify for such listings. For details, please call our advertising department at 1-800-428-4384 or 317-582-1600, FAX 317-816-1000 or e-mail Eric Hall at or Marc Basis at

Listing Criteria and Marketing Information

The criteria for listing an insurer, managing underwriter, managing general agent or excess and surplus lines broker in the 2019 edition of The Insurance Marketplace- are:

Insurors - licensed in one or more states with net premiums (2017) of $2 million (U.S.) or more.

Managing Underwriters - represent one or more companies for specific classes or for all property and casualty classes and operate in all states in which the company operates.

Managing General Agents - represent companies and operate in one of The Insurance Marketplace- geographical territories.

Excess and Surplus Lines Brokers - have binding contracts with Lloyd's or domestic and alien non-admitted insurers.

1. Indicate the category which best describes your organization:
2. Please answer the following questions related to marketing:
  A. List any additional nonstandard or unusual forms of insurance (not listed in the questionnaire) which your organization writes:
  B. List all states in which your organization is operating through agents on an admitted basis:
  C. List all states in which you are operating on a non-admitted basis:
  D. Countries:
3. If you are an Insurance Company, how are your special facilities marketed:
4. If you operate as a Program Administrator, Risk Retention Group, Managing Underwriter, MGA or E&S Broker, are your facilities available to:

On the following pages, please check each type of insurance your company writes and whether you offer the coverage as a program administrator/ underwriting manager, or as another market source. Before returning this questionnaire please answer the marketing questions on page one. We also request that a company or individual in charge of the Excess and Surplus or Specialty Lines Department sign the questionnaire . Return to : The Insurance Marketplace, c/o The Rough Notes Company, Carolyn Pringle, Project Coordinator, P.O. Box 1990, Carmel, Indiana 46032-4990. Fax: 317-816-1000.

Please check only one, Program Administrator or Other Market Sources.
For Office Use: Written by Written by
/Undwrtg. Mgr
  Other Mkt. Sources COVERAGES Prg. Adm.
/Undwrtg. Mgr
  Other Mkt. Sources
Abstracters Professional Liability 2 Accountants Professional Liability 3
Accreditation Programs Errors and Omissions 4 Active Shooter Coverage 844
Actuaries Professional 5 Acupuncture Specialists Liability 6
Adjusters Errors and Omissions 7 Adoption Agencies Errors and Omissions 602
Adult Book Stores 570 Adult Entertainment Film Production 768
Advertising Agency Liability 8 Agent Market Intelligence Resources 787
Agritainment/Agritourism 823 Air Cargo Insurance 10
Aircraft Hull and Liability 11 Aircraft Products Liability 12
Aircraft Spare Parts 13 Airport Owners/Operators Liability 14
Airport Property And Aviation-Related Risks 665 Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers Liability 15
All-Terrain Vehicles 16 Alternative Energy Plants 17
Amateur Athletic Programs (Colleges and Clubs) 18 Ambulance Service Malpractice 19
Ambulatory Surgery Centers 686 American Expatriates 73
Amusement Devices - Coin Operated 20 Amusement Parks and Fairgrounds 21
Amusement Rides 22 Anesthetists Professional Liability 23
Anhydrous Ammonia Dealers Liability 24 Animal Farms (Exotic) 25
Animal Mortality 26 Animal Rescue Organizations 790
Animal Rides 28 Animal Shelter 811
Answering Services Errors and Omissions 29 Antique Aircraft Insurance 30
Antique and Classic Automobile Insurance 31 Antique and Classic Boats 32
Apartment Complexes 622 Appraisers Errors and Omissions 33
Aquaculture Operations 34 Arborists 804
Archery Clubs 35 Architects and Engineers Professional 36
Armored Car Services 37 Art Collections 687
Art Galleries 688 Asbestos Abatement Consultants Professional Liability 40
Asbestos Abatement Contractors 41 Asbestos and Lead Paint Abatement Bonds 42
Assisted Living Facilities 650 Associations Professional Liability 43
Association-Sponsored Mass Marketing Programs 44 Athletic Event Cancellation Insurance 689
Auction Houses 45 Auctioneers Errors and Omissions 46
Auto Dismantlers/Auto Recyclers 655 Auto Salvage Yards 690
Auto Service Centers 679 Automatic Car Wash Services 47
Automobile and Snowmobile Racing Liability (Spectator) 48 Automobile and Truck Rental - Daily 49
Automobile Dealers 50 Automobile Excess Liability 51
Automobile Insurance Plans Excess Liability 52 Automobile Insurance Plans Physical Damage 53
Automobile Leasing Contingent Liability 54 Automobile Leasing Contingent Physical Damage 55
Automobile Nonstandard Liability 56 Automobile Nonstandard Physical Damage 57
Automobile Physical Damage (Kits/Replicas/Custom Cars) 58 Automobile Repossessors Liability 59
Automobiles - Sport and High Performance Cars 60 Bailees Customers Insurance 61
Background Check Services 808 Bankers Blanket Bond - High Limits 62
Barber Shop Liability 63 Bars 64
Battered Persons Facilities 65 Beauty Shop Liability 66
Bed and Breakfast Inns 67 Beekeepers Coverage 843
Bicycle Dealers 691 Bicycle Manufacturers 692
Billiard Parlors 572 Bingo Halls 573
Biofuel Distribution 839 Biofuel Manufacturing 838
Biotechnology Liability 693 Birds (Exotic) 69
Birth Centers Liability 70 Blood Banks Professional Liability 71
Bloodstock Insurance 72 Boat Dealers 694
Boat Manufacturers 695 Boat Rental 812
Boatyards or Boat Repair and Servicing Operations 696 Bobtail or Deadheading Liability (Truckers) 75
Body Piercing Liability 76 Boiler and Machinery Coverage aka Equipment Breakdown Coverage 697
Bowling Centers 77 Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway Construction 698
Broadcast Stations 603 Brownfields Development Sites 604
Buffer Layer Liability 214 Builders Risk 79
Builders Risk - including Design Error 80 Building Equipment Erection and Installation 699
Bumbershoot Liability 81 Bungee Jumping Events 82
Burglar, Fire Alarm and Safety Equipment Company Liability 83 Bus Conversions 100
Buses 84 Business Legal Expense Insurance 85
Business Travel Accident 86 Cable TV Liability 700
Campers and Camper Vans 87 Campground Owners Liability 88
Canoe Trips/River Rafting 89 Capacity or Excess Property Insurance 90
Caribbean Property 568 Carnivals and Circuses 92
Carpentry Work Contractors 701 Casino/Gaming Risks 93
Catered Affair Cancellation Insurance 94 Caterers Errors and Omissions 95
Caves 837 Celebrity or SpokeSperson Death, Disability or Disgrace 103
Cemetery Professional Liability 96 Charter Boats 97
Charter Buses 98 Charter Schools 824
Check Cashing Services 101 Chemical Manufacturers 102
Chemical Distributors 799 Chiropractors Professional Liability 104
Christmas Tree Lots 105 Churches 106
Claims-made to Occurence Coverage 406 Clergy Professional Liability 108
Clinical Laboratory Malpractice 109 Coal Mining Operations 110
Coal Trucks Physical Damage 111 Coastal Properties 702
Coatings and Adhesives Manufacturers 605 Coin and Stamp Dealers Insurance 112
Coin-Operated Dry Cleaners and Laundries 113 Coinsurance Deficiency Coverage 114
Collateral Protection Insurance 115 Collectibles 232
Collection Agents Errors and Omissions 116 Commercial Autos-Miscellaneous and Special Purpose 117
Commercial Credit Insurance 118 Commercial Fishing Boats 119
Community Resort Associations 606 Community Service Agencies 121
Community Theaters 122 Computer Software Designers Errors and Omissions 123
Concrete Work Contractors 703 Condominium Directors and Officers Liability 124
Condominiums 125 Construction 762
Construction/Environmental Testing Laboratories 269 Consultants Professional Liability 127
Contractor Controlled Insurance Plan (CCIP) aka Contractor-s Wrap-Up 704 Contractors Design and Build (Project Managers) 128
Contractors Equipment Insurance 129 Contractors Pollution Liability 130
Contractual Bonus Insurance 675 Convenience Stores 638
Convention and Trade Show Insurance 132 Corporate or Employed Counsel Professional Liability 134
Cosmetic Manufacturers 135 Cosmetic Distributors 800
Country Club Insurance 136 Country Inns 682
County Clerks and Recorders Errors and Omissions 137 Courier and Messenger Services 138
Court Reporter 825 Crane and Rigging Contractors 139
Crop Dusting and Spraying 141 Custom Harvesting Operations 143
Customized Vans 144 Customs Bonds 145
Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders 142 Cyber Liability 362
Dance Schools 146 Dangerous Dog Liability Insurance 773
Day Care Centers - Adult 705 Day Care Centers - Children 149
Demolition Contractors Liability 150 Dental Hygienists Professional Liability 151
Dentists Professional Liability 152 Developmental Disabilities Facilities 435
Dieticians and Nutritionists Professional Liability 153 Difference in Conditions Insurance 154
Directors and Officers Liability 155 Directors and Officers Liability-Financial Institutions 156
Directors and Officers Liability-Nonprofit Organizations 157 Disc Jockey 807
Dive Shops/Instructors 579 Document Destruction Professional Liability 671
Dog Kennels 158 Drag Strip Liability (Spectators) 159
Dredging Contractors 642 Driveaway Collision Coverage 791
Driving Schools 160 Drone (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) 820
Drug Testing Liability 581 Dump Trucks (Liability and Physical Damage) 161
Durable Medical Equipment Distributing 826 Durable Medical Equipment Manufacturing 828
Durable Medical Equipment Rental 827 Ear Piercing Liability 162
Earthquake and Earth Movement Insurance 163 E-cigarette Stores 813
Educational Institutions 662 Educators / Teachers Individual Professional Liability 840
Educators Errors and Omissions 164 Electric/Hybrid Vehicles 774
Electricians 706 Electronic Data Processing Equipment 707
Electronic Data Processors Errors and Omissions 708 Elevator Maintenance Contractors 165
Emergency Care Centers 810 Emergency Medical Technicians Errors and Omissions 166
Emergency Service Organizations 167 Employed Counsel Professional Liability 168
Employee Benefit Plans Liability 169 Employee Staffing Services 608
Employers Liability Coverage or Stop Gap Liability 636 Employment Agencies Errors and Omissions 170
Employment Temporary Services Agencies 172 Employment-Related Practices Liability 171
Engineers Professional aka Architects and Engineers Professional Liability 173 Environmental Consultants Errors and Omissions 174
Environmental Contractor Bonds 175 Environmental Impairment Liability 176
Environmental Remediation Contractors 609 Environmental Site Assessment 177
Equestrian Risks 178 Equipment and Tool Rental Services 179
Equipment Breakdown Coverage aka Boiler and Machinery Coverage 445 Equipment Leasing-Lessor Protection 180
Equity Protection Plan 764 Escrow Agents Errors and Omissions 181
Event Cancellation Insurance 483 Event Coordinators Errors and Omissions 709
Excavation Contractors 182 Excess and Surplus Lines Brokers and Managing General Agents Errors and Omissions 183
Excess FDIC Insurance 184 Excess Fidelity Bonds 185
Excess Flood Insurance 672 Excess Liability (Commercial) 186
Excess Liability (Over Self-insured Retention) 187 Excess Liability (Personal) 188
Excess Malpractice and Professional Liability 189 Excess Marine Liability 190
Excess Maritime Employers Liability 191 Excess Medical Stop Loss Coverage-Self-Insured Risks 192
Excess Property 652 Exercise and Physical Fitness Centers 193
Exterminators Liability 194 Farm Feed, Fertilizer, Seed and Supplies 711
Farm Implement Dealers 710 Farm Labor Contractors 775
Farmers Markets 712 Farms and Ranch Properties 196
Female Reproductive Services 833 Ferry Flight Insurance 763
Ferry Operators 792 Fertilizer Manufacturers 793
Film and TV Producers Errors and Omissions 197 Film and TV Producers Indemnity (Cast Insurance) 198
Film Schools Student Productions 769 Film/Movie Production Insurance 669
Financial Institutions 199 Financial Planners Errors and Omissions 200
Fine Arts Floaters (High Values) 201 Fire Protection Industry 574
Firearm Liability 834 Firearms Dealers and Distributors 202
Firefighters Accident, Death and Disability Coverage 203 Fireworks Displays-Contractors Risks 204
Fishing Contests 205 Flea Markets and Antique Shows 206
Flight Schools 803 Flood Insurance - Private 822
Floor Laying and Other Floor Work Contractors 713 Food Rejection Insurance 207
Food Street Vendors 575 Food Trucks 814
Food-Borne Illness-Loss of Income 451 Force Majeure Insurance 208
Forced-placed Foreclosure Property Insurance 209 Foreign Film Production 770
Forensic and Expert Witness Errors and Omissions 210 Foresters Errors and Omissions 586
Foundries 714 Franchise Sponsored Mass Marketing Programs 211
Fraternal Organizations 610 Fumigators 212
Furriers Coverages 213 GAP Insurance 611
Garage Door Installation 815 Garage Liability-Repair and Service Operations 215
Garagekeepers Legal Liability 216 Garbage and Waste Haulers 217
General Contractor-Apartments and Condominiums 715 General Contractor-Industrial and Warehousing 716
General Contractor-Nonresidential Buildings - Not Industrial or Warehouse 717 Geothermal Energy Projects 220
Glass and Glazing Work Contractors 718 Global Medical Insurance 612
Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles (LSV) 776 Golf Course Architects 569
Golf Courses 222 Golf Driving Ranges 223
Grain Elevators 224 Green Building-Commercial 719
Green Building-Personal 720 Gun Collection Floaters 225
Gymnastics Liability 226 Hail Insurance on Growing Crops 227
Halfway Houses 228 Haunted Houses 229
Hazardous Industries Monoline Workers Compensation Insurance 649 Hazardous Material Haulers 230
Hazardous Waste Storage and Disposal Facilities 231 Health Foods Industry 576
Hearing Aid Service Errors and Omissions Liability 233 Heavy Construction Contractors 721
Helicopters 234 High Limit Disability 722
High Performance Boats 587 High Technology Exposures 235
High-Valued Commercial Property 653 High-Valued Personal Property 723
Highway and Street Construction Contractors 724 Historic Home Insurance 236
Hole-in-One Coverage 237 Home Business Insurance 725
Home Health Care Agencies 238 Home Inspection Errors and Omissions 621
Home Sellers Liability 588 Homebuilders Coverage 666
Homeowners Associations 589 Homeowners Policies-Low-Value and Nonstandard 239
Horse (Livestock) Major Medical and Surgery Insurance 243 Horse and Carriage Risks 240
Horse Breeders/Boarders 241 Horse Farms 242
Horticultural Risks 244 Hospice 777
Hospital Professional Liability 245 Hot Air Balloons (Liability and Physical Damage) 246
Hotels 247 Houseboats 248
Hunting and Fishing Clubs 250 Identity Theft Liability 778
Independent Pay Telephone Operators 627 Industrial Hygienists Errors and Omissions 251
Industry/Vendor Service Provider 726 Inland Marine 798
Installation Floaters - High-Value 252 Installment Sales Floater 253
Insurance Agents and Brokers Errors and Omissions 254 Insurance Company Financial Reporting 788
Insurance Company Professional Liability 255 Insurance Investigators Errors and Omissions 256
Intellectual Property Enforcement Coverage 257 Interior Designers Professional Liability 258
International Insurance 259 Internet Home (Web) Page Designers Errors and Omissions 614
Internet Liability 727 Internet Promotions 632
Investment Counselors Errors and Omissions 260 IRA or Keogh Plan Errors and Omissions s 262
Irrigation Designers Errors and Omissions 263 Janitorial Services 264
Jewelers Block 267 Jewelry and Fur Floaters (High Values) 268
Kart (Go-Kart) Liability 270 Kidnap/Ransom Insurance 271
Kidney Dialysis Centers 272 Labor Unions Errors and Omissions 273
Land Improvement Contractors 274 Land Surveyors Professional Liability 275
Landfill Closure Performance Bonds 276 Landfills (Sanitary) 277
Landscape Architects Professional Liability 278 Law Enforcement Officers Liability 279
Lawn Care Services 280 Lawyers Professional Liability 281
Lead Paint Contamination 282 Lead Paint Removal Contractors 283
Lead-based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Coverage 765 Legal Expense Insurance 284
Lenders Environmental Liability Insurance 285 Libraries 286
Limited Partnership Liability-Partnership Managers 288 Limousine Services 289
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Dealers 290 Liquor Dealers and Stores 291
Liquor Liability (Host Coverage) 292 Liquor Liability and Dram Shop Act Liability 293
Livestock Haulers 294 Livestock Mortality 295
Livestock-Auction Market Form 296 Livestock-Commercial Feedlot Reporting Form 297
Lobbyist 816 Locomotive Repair 802
Loggers Broad Form Property Damage Liability 298 Logging Operations 299
Long Haul Trucking Insurance 300 Managed Care Errors and Omissions 591
Manicurists Liability 301 Manufactured Home Haulers 302
Marina Operations 304 Marine Cargo Insurance 305
Marine Hull Insurance 306 Marine-related Professional Liability and Errors and Omissions Coverage 307
Marine War Risk 817 Maritime Liability 308
Marketing and Public Relations Firms Errors and Omissions 309 Marketing Consultants Errors and Omissions 310
Marriage and Family Counselors Professional Liability 311 Martial Arts Liability 312
Masonry, Stone Setting and Other Stonework Contractors 728 Massage Therapists Professional Liability 729
Material Handling Contractors 314 Media Liability 730
Media Promotions 634 Mediators/Arbitrators Errors and Omissions 315
Medical and Radiology Laboratories Professional Liability 316 Medical Billing Companies Errors and Omissions 615
Medical Device Distributing 832 Medical Device Manufacturing 831
Medical Diagnostic Centers Errors and Omissions 317 Medical Marijuana Crop Insurance 767
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries 766 Medical Personnel Service Agencies Professional Liability 320
Medical/Physical Rehabilitation Therapy 654 Medical Technology & Life Science Manufacturers and Distributors 786
Medical Tourism 785 MediSpas 677
Mental Health Clinics Professional Liability 321 Mergers and Acquisitions 640
Mexico Coverage 592 Micro Brewery/Brew Pubs 324
Military Housing Property Managers 674 Miniature Golf 323
Mining Operations and Equipment 326 Mobile Home Dealers-Physical Damage and Liability 327
Mobile Home Parks-Owners Liability 329 Mobilehome Personal Lines Coverage 731
Mortgage Bankers and Servicing Agents Errors and Omissions 331 Mortgage Brokers Errors and Omissions 593
Mortgage Impairment Insurance 332 Morticians Professional Liability 333
Motor Home Rentals 577 Motor Home/Travel Trailers (Commercial Use) 594
Motor Homes 334 Motor Scooter and Moped Rental Insurance 619
Motor Sports Liability 335 Motor Truck Cargo Insurance 336
Motorcycle Custom Manufacturing and Fabricating 667 Motorcycle Dealers 338
Motorcycle Insurance 337 Motorcycle Rental Insurance 629
Mountain Bikes/Dirt Bikes 339 Mountain Climbing/Mountaineering 340
Movie Boats 771 Moving Companies 578
Multiple Peril Crop Insurance 341 Municipal and Public Entities Liability 342
Museums 343 Musical Instrument Floaters 344
Musicians 779 Mutual Fund Managers Errors and Omissions 733
Mutual Funds Directors and Officers Coverage 732 Nanomaterial Distribution 836
Nanomaterial Manufacturing 835 Natural Gas Utilities 661
Negative Film Insurance 346 Nightclubs 660
Non-owner Car Insurance 842 Nonprofit Organizations 784
Notary Public Errors and Omissions 349 Nurse Practitioners 780
Nurse-Midwives Professional Liability 350 Nurseries 351
Nurses Professional Liability 352 Nursing Homes Professional Liability 353
Nutriceuticals 734 Oceanography Risks 354
Off-Course and Storage Coverage 630 Offshore Oil Drilling and Service Risks 355
Oil and Gas Deficiency Insurance-Guaranteed Performance 356 Oil Drilling Equipment 357
Oil Drilling Rigs and Well Servicing Equipment 358 Oil Jobbers/Petroleum Distributors 359
Oil Landmen and Lease Brokers Errors and Omissions 360 Oil Lease Property (Oil Field Equipment) 361
Oil Well Liability 363 Operators Extra Expense-Oil and Gas 364
Ophthalmologists Professional Liability 365 Opticians Professional Liability 366
Optometrists Professional Liability 367 Osteopaths Professional Liability 368
Outdoor Recreational Facilities 616 Outfitters and Guides Liability 369
Outpatient Clinics 370 Owner Controlled Insurance Plan (OCIP) aka Owner-s Wrap Up 735
Owners and Contractors Protective Liability (Monoline) 668 Paint Ball Game Centers 371
Paint Manufacturers 372 Painting-Exterior Contractors 737
Painting-Interior and Paper Hanging Contractors 736 Paralegal Professional 373
Paramedics Professional Liability 374 Parasailing Operators 375
Parking Garages and Parking Lots 376 Patent Infringement 378
Pawnshops 379 Pension Consultants' Professionals 738
Personal Trainers Professional Liability 595 Personal Watercraft 266
Pet Accident and Health Insurance 380 Pet Grooming Liability 382
Pet Mortality Insurance 381 Petrochemical Risks 383
Pharmacists Professional Liability (Employed) 384 Phone Card Promotions 633
Photographers Errors and Omissions 385 Physicians Assistants Professional Liability 386
Physicians Professional Liability 387 Physiotherapists Professional Liability 388
Pier and Dock Contractors 794 Pipeline Insurance 389
Pizza Delivery Services 390 Planners Professional Liability 391
Plastering, Drywall, Acoustical and Insulation Work Contractors 739 Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors 740
Podiatrists Professional Liability 580 Political Action Committees Liability 392
Political Risk Insurance 393 Pollution Cleanup Indemnity-Marine Operations 741
Pollution Cleanup Indemnity-Non-marine Operations 742 Polygraph Operators Professional Liability 395
Poultry Insurance 396 Power Distribution-Electric Utilities 670
Power/Pressure Washing Contractors 795 Precious Metal Dealers 397
Premium Finance Companies Errors and Omissions 398 Printers Errors and Omissions 399
Privacy Insurance 678 Private Corrections Industry 400
Prize Indemnification Insurance 401 Product Contamination Insurance 402
Product Warranty Inefficacy Coverage 403 Product Warranty Insurance 404
Products Liability-Hazardous or New Products 407 Products Recall Expense Insurance 408
Professional Athletes 409 Professional Employers Organizations (PEOs) 637
Professional Insurance Industry Organizations 676 Property Management Errors and Omissions 410
Prosthetic and Orthotic Patient Care Errors and Omissions 617 Protection and Indemnity Insurance (Marine) 411
Psychiatrists Professional Liability 412 Psychologists Professional Liability 413
Public Housing Authorities Liability 415 Public Officials Liability 416
Public Utilities Insurance 417 Publishers Liability 418
Quick Lubes 647 Race Car Drivers (AD&D Coverage) 419
Racetracks-Animals 743 Racetracks-Vehicles 744
Radiologists Professional Liability 420 Radon Mitigation Consultants and Contractors 421
Railroad Property and Liability Coverages 422 Railroad Protective Liability 423
Real Estate Agents Errors and Omissions 425 Recreational Clubs Liability 426
Recreational Trail Operators Liability 427 Recreational Vehicle Dealers 428
Recycling Centers 429 Registered Representatives (Mutual Funds) Errors and Omissions 430
Rehabilitation Projects 431 Representation and Warranties Coverage 841
Research Organizations Errors and Omissions 582 Residential Remodeling Contractors 745
Residual Value Insurance-Autos, Equipment, etc. 432 Resorts 433
Restaurants 434 Retail Fireworks Sales 639
Rideshare Auto Insurance 818 Riding Academies/Hunt Clubs 437
Risk Retention Group and Purchase Group Programs 438 River and Harbor Craft 439
River Boat Gambling Casinos 583 Rock Concerts 440
Rodeos and Horse Shows 441 Roofing, Siding and Sheet Metal Work Contractors 442
Saddle Animal Liability 443 Sales Redemption Campaigns 446
Sand and Gravel Haulers 448 Scaffolding Risks 450
School Bus Contractors 781 Security Guard Services and Detective Agencies Liability 454
Seed Merchants Errors and Omissions 455 Self-Insurance Retention (SIR) Programs 457
Self-Storage Risks 456 Senior Housing 746
Sex Abuse/Molestation Liability 459 Ship Charterers Legal Liability 461
Ship Repairers Legal Liability 462 Shooting Range Liability (Trap and Skeet) 463
Shopping Centers-Malls 747 Shopping Centers-Strip 748
Short Line or Tourist Railroad Packages 465 Short Term Productions 772
Single Interest Insurance 466 Skateboard Parks Liability 468
Skating Centers (Roller and Ice) 469 Ski Operations 470
Slaughterhouses 806 Snowmobiles (Commercial and Rental) 472
Snow-removal Contractors 796 Snowmobiles (Personal Use) 473
Social Services Agencies 474 Social Workers and Welfare Workers Errors and Omissions 475
Soil Engineers Professional Liability 476 Solar Energy Products and Installers 477
Solar-Heated Risks 478 Space Industry Insurance 749
Special Events Liability 479 Special Risks Accident Insurance 481
Sperm Banks 819 Sport Fishing Boats 482
Sporting Events Sponsors 750 Sporting Goods and Equipment Manufacturers 485
Sports Camps 484 Sports Memorabilia (Baseball Cards, Etc.) 486
Sports Promotions Coverage 651 Stevedore Legal Liability 487
Stockbrokers Errors and Omissions 488 Stop Loss Excess Aggregate 489
Storage Tank Testing/Installation/Removal 490 Storage Tanks-Aboveground 491
Structural Steel Erection Contractors 751 Student Accident Insurance 492
Student Housing 681 Subsidized Housing 752
Substandard and Low-Valued Dwelling Fire Insurance 493 Substandard Businessowners Policy (BOP) 753
Substandard Crime Insurance 494 Substandard Fire (Commercial) 495
Substandard General Liability 496 Substandard Malpractice and Professional Liability 498
Substandard Package Policies 754 Summer Camps 499
Summer Recreational Activities 500 Supermarkets 501
Surety Bonds-Miscellaneous and Special Risks 502 Surety Bonds-Small Contractors 503
Surgeons Professional Liability 504 Swimming Pool Contractors 505
Talent Agencies Errors and Omissions 598 Tanning Salons Liability 507
Tattoo Parlors 585 Tattoo Removal Liability 599
Tax Preparers Errors and Omissions 508 Taxicabs 509
Team Sports Medical Accident Coverage 510 Tennis and Racquetball Centers (Indoor) 512
Terrazzo, Tile, Marble and Mosaic Work Contractors 755 Terrorism Coverage 756
Theater Groups 809 Third-Party Claims Administrators (TPA) Errors and Omissions 514
Third-Party Fidelity Coverage 515 Timeshare/Interval Ownership Operations 658
Tire Retreaders 516 Title Insurance Agents Errors and Omissions 517
Tour Operators Errors and Omissions 518 Tow Trucks Insurance 519
Toy Manufacturers 830 Trailer Manufacturers Product Liability 761
Transfer Agents Errors and Omissions 523 Transportation Brokers-Contingent Cargo Insurance 524
Travel Agents Errors and Omissions 525 Travel Trailers and Campers-Personal 526
Travel Trailer Rentals Insurance 600 Tree Service Liability 527
Trip Cancellation Insurance (TCI) 757 Truck Servicing Operations 801
Truckers Occupational Accident/Workers Compensation 529 Trucking Operations 758
Trust Department Errors and Omissions 530 Trustees and Fiduciaries Errors and Omissions-Pension, Welfare and Employee Benefit Funds 532
Umbrella Liability-Commercial 534 Umbrella Liability-Over Claims-Made Primary 535
Umbrella Liability-Personal 536 Unauthorized Computer Access Coverage 537
Underground Storage Tank (UST) Pollution Liability 538 Underwriting Guides and Checklists 789
United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act 635 Used Car Dealers Insurance 540
Utility Systems Construction 759 Vacant Properties Insurance 542
Vanpool Operators 797 Vacation Income Property 680
Vacation Weather Cancellation Insurance 601 Valet Parking Services 782
Valued Business Interruption Insurance 543 Vending Machines Floater 544
Vessel Pollution 643 Veterinarians Professional Liability 545
Video Games/Arcade Centers 546 Video Rental Stores 547
War Risk Accident Insurance 548 Warehouse Operators Legal Liability 549
Water and Sewer Entities 783 Water Irrigation/Reclamation Districts Insurance 551
Water Parks Insurance 553 Water Ski Schools Liability 552
Water Sport Rentals 554 Water Well Contractors 657
Weather Insurance 555 Welders 821
Welding Supplies Sales and Distribution 829 Workers Compensation Self-Insurers Bonds 561
Wrap-Up 760 Wharfingers Legal Liability 556
Wind farms 805 Windstorm (Monoline) Coverage 644
Wineries 557 Winter Recreational Activities 558
Woodworking and Lumber Operations 559 Workers Compensation 684
Workers Compensation Excess Insurance 560 Yachts and Pleasure Boats 565
Youth Group Homes 618 Youth Outreach Programs 566
Youth Sports Programs-Accidental Death and Disability 567 Zoos and Zoological Societies 648


Please check only one - Program Administrator or Other Market Sources.



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Charges Based On Number Of Listings Checked

1-5   Listings   $375   (minimum charges)   101-199   Listings   $1,865
6-15   Listings   $515       200-299   Listings   $2,065
16-30   Listings   $755       300-349   Listings   $2,325
31-50   Listings   $940       350-399   Listings   $2,415
51-75   Listings   $1,175       400-500   Listings   $2,555
76-100   Listings   $1,340       500 Plus   Listings   $3,755




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